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What we're doing to lead up to our FINAL launch, The Uncertain Times - Ep 6

Episode Summary

So, yeah. Launching and selling anything online-biz-related right now feels a bit weird. But, like many of you, we need to continue to make money to live our lives, so here's how we're moving forward.

Episode Notes

One of the biggest things that are helping us navigate getting ready to do a launch of our Un-Boring Group Coaching program (this will be our FINAL enrollment for the year) is the subtle mindset shift of "we're pushing our launch on someone" to "we're offering our launch to the right person." If you're feeling uncomfortable about selling right now, maybe that shift can help you?

We also break down the next steps we're taking for our launch: Creating an affiliate program for our current members and giving them all the information possible to help them succeed. As well as getting all our sales emails, social media content (QuarCon), and plans in place so that our launch has a sense of ease about it when the time comes.

Caroline shares a big mental repositioning as it relates to working during this pandemic. Oddly enough, the pressure of something looming larger has removed the normal heightened pressure of work. Are you feeling any of that? 

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👋 Our hope in sharing this series is that it a) makes YOU feel a little less alone in the worries or questions you have through all of this and b) it gives you some ideas or inspiration about how to make decisions in your own life and business that will help keep you afloat as we surf this tidal waves of uncertainty.