Wandering Aimfully: The Show

We scrapped part of our big launch...

Episode Summary

Whenever you're doing a launch for a product you typically have multiple ideas and plans. For us, we had ONE specific plan that involved something way more hands-on and a ton of extra effort (YouTube Live, promotion, etc). We decided to completely scrap 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♂️ that part of our launch plan to keep our sanity.

Episode Notes

👩🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦲 This is the last week to join on Un-Boring Biz Coaching program for 2020: https://wanderingaimfully.com/join/

If you run your own business, or are selling anything, it IS important to make money to be sustainable but *not at all costs.* This is why you put a plan in place well ahead of time and you can adjust on the fly as needed - like we did this week!  

We spent some time talking about  👀SALES FUNNELS 👀 and how we're rethinking these for our own businesses. The subtle reframing to 🌉MARKETING BRIDGES 🌉should help us not get bogged down with negative thoughts about selling, as that even happens to us. Sales funnels/marketing bridges ARE essential to running efficient online businesses and they don't have to feel gross or sleazy.

We also shouted out more of our new WAIM Coaching members and even included some silly made-up facts about them. #fakeshoutouts 


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👋 Our hope in sharing this series is that it a) makes YOU feel a little less alone in the worries or questions you have through all of this and b) it gives you some ideas or inspiration about how to make decisions in your own life and business that will help keep you afloat as we surf this tidal waves of uncertainty.