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FaceApp old age photos, societal stigmas, and our coffee shop grudge match

Episode Summary

Last week FaceApp took over the Internet and we rode the wave along with it. This is also a bit of a random episode ;)

Episode Notes

What are the implications of uploading our photos to a random app and should we be concerned about the privacy implications?

👴🏻 You can view Jason as an old man here: https://twitter.com/jasondoesstuff/status/1151246452368142336

What about the societal norms of men and women when it comes to aging? Can we do something to counteract the stigmas associated with getting older?

We also chat about Cat & Cloud Coffee getting sued by Caterpillar (yes, the billion-dollar construction company is suing a small neighborhood coffee company over a trademark). It's pretty crappy when a small business gets attacked by big business so we wanted to share our thoughts and ask for your support too.

🙀 Cat & Cloud Getting Sued article: https://sprudge.com/the-plot-thickens-between-caterpillar-and-cat-cloud-143970.html

Cat & Cloud Founders talk about getting sued: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/being-sued-by-caterpillar-inc/id1021859870?i=1000438846894

Cat & Cloud Founders talk about getting sued (part two): https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lawsuit-life/id1021859870?i=1000440454388https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/being-sued-by-caterpillar-inc/id1021859870?i=1000438846894

👉 Support Cat & Cloud by picking up something from their site: https://catandcloud.com/

We hope you enjoyed this more random episode. Should we do more episodes like this?

🤔 COMMENT: Do you think we need to be concerned about things like FaceApp having our photos and being able to use them? Is it as important as bigger privacy issues?


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