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A foolproof way to get more clients (and a fun new project!)

Episode Summary

If you're a creative freelancer and struggle to get paying clients, we've got a foolproof plan of attack for you in this episode! We also have a fun new project we're working on, somewhat related to clients and client-work the next few weeks.

Episode Notes

UPDATE: Last week we talked about how we weren't doing a video version of the show but this week Caroline talked Jason into just doing a simpler video version and letting go of some of the production effort. Sooo... we're still doing a video show, just with less editing. What can we say? We like to wander aimfully around here!

Anyhoo, this conversation is on our experience working with clients, why we eventually stopped working with clients, and a foolproof way creative freelancers can get MORE clients. 👌

😱New Project: We've cooked up something new called "Building A Squarespace Site from Start to Finish" or BASSSF (as Jason loves to say). You can follow along at http://wanderingaimfully.com/squarespace as we build a brand and website from scratch then sell the entire thing in a unique way. Should be a fun project the next few weeks!

Hope you enjoy the episode, our convo, and if you have any tried-and-true tips for getting clients, share them in the comments of the YouTube version of this episode.


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