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119 - Embracing YOU: Social Media (and more Lisbon stories)

Episode Summary

We’re continuing our Embracing YOU series and talking about social media this week. Do you need it? Does it bring you joy? Could the time you spend on it be better spent somewhere else? What are we doing with social media right now?

Episode Notes

In this week’s episode, we tackle the monkey that can sit on all our backs from time to time: social media.

We all know that social media can be valuable for our businesses but is it causing more harm than good? Could we be investing our time and energy somewhere else that doesn’t feel heavy or toxic?

Also, if social media doesn’t bog you down, by all means, keep using it! That’s the entire idea of this Embracing YOU series. Only you know what’s right for your life and business and we’re just here to share some different and (hopefully) thoughtful perspectives.

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