Wandering Aimfully: The Show

10 key decisions that doubled our business growth during our toughest year

Episode Summary

This was the toughest year of our lives and yet we were still able to double our business growth. We walk you through the 10 key decisions we made that allowed us to grow while navigating some rough mental health issues.

Episode Notes

In January, Caroline 👩🏻‍🦰 came down with the most debilitating season of anxiety she'd ever experienced. She dealt with symptoms she'd never had before with such severity, things like depersonalization, acute tension headaches, vertigo, extreme sensitivity to light and sensations, and all of this left her completely unable to work, much less get out of bed. After months of these symptoms, trying to simply rest and recuperate and nothing changing, depression started to set in and she no longer recognized the person in the mirror. It was terrifying for both of us. 

Meanwhile, Jason 👨🏻‍🦲 was not only trying to support Caroline in every way he knew how, but he was also trying to keep the business afloat while we weathered the storm. There is so much freedom and flexibility in being online business owners, but there is no steady paycheck to rely on to keep you on solid ground when you’re going through something tough. 

👉👉 Flash forward to today as we write these words and we’re closing in on the final weeks of 2019. We can’t express to you how drastically things have improved since those darkest days earlier this year. Not only is Caroline's health much improved (physically and mentally) but our business feels stronger than ever. 

We're extremely grateful we were able to Wandering Aimfully alive, but actually THRIVE, despite the challenges we’ve faced this year is not only something that surprised the heck out of us, but it’s something we’re really proud of. 

We hope the lessons we share here might help you if you're going through you're own rough patch in life and biz 🙌. 


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